Romance at Sunrise

On such a beautiful Sedona morning~ we woke up early on Valentine’s Day and hiked up to Mission’s Place which is considered sacred land.   My roommate and I had just one macaroon each to get us started as we met up with our group.  It was dark and quiet as we headed to our destination with a slight chill in the air.  In silence, we thought about what do we really want out of this life, what is our purpose and set forth these intentions to gain clarity.  The sky was blackish grey just like the color of gravel beneath us.  The Red Rocks in the distance also looked rather black.  Quietly, we waited as observers for the Sun to rise which seemed to be a very long time; all we had were our thoughts to keep us company in this black silence.  There was so much anticipation inside, when would it come out and what would it look like?  We were told to keep our gaze very steady, as within an instant we could miss it or the sun would be too bright for our eyes.  I have so much adoration for the sun and how it has taught me the ultimate truth about humility and gratitude with my own personal experiences of prayer.  So this precious moment we were waiting for had so much depth for me and seemed to feel quite romantic.  It was almost as if my heart danced in eagerness, what would this next moment of a glimpse immersed in nature be like? Eyes wide open we waited and waited.  Very, very slowly, I saw a tiny shimmery ball in the distance light up the whole sky.  At first it looked like the whitest beaming light and then turned into a silvery golden halo that expanded itself into the sky.  Time seemed to stop or maybe what stopped was our thoughts.  All I know is that I could not take my eyes off it.  The brighter and bigger the Sun got, the more expanded and connected I felt.  It filled my heart completely.  I prayed as we sat there in gratitude for the unconditional love that was shining through this solar magnificence.  How many times has the Sun risen and how many times have we stopped to acknowledge its unconditional presence and grace?  The famous poet Hafiz said “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth you owe me, just think what a love like that can do, it lights up the whole world.”  Hafiz must have been romantic too.  We get to witness this “Dance of Romance” with nature every single day.  Isn’t life as simple as that?  And isn’t love like this so uncomplicated? Valentine’s day in Sedona has brought new meaning of love for life in all of its beauty.  For me, the truth of truths is to be the witness in the dark that sees the light.

With Gratitude
Love, Me

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