The Secret~


As I sit here, “Being In the Moment” I contemplate on the powerful voice which speaks with grandeur.  I drift into this voice, a little girl who wants to express a profound knowing. “I found the secret to happiness, dad!” and he says “Please share with us the Secret to Happiness” “It’s very simple! Acceptance!!! Acceptance of everything that is.”  After that I said nothing.  I was complete.  I was full of this knowing.

Two days later I find myself clicking on a link ~ Whatever Arises, Love That ~ and the video was about Acceptance.  Brought about through Synchronicity, Matt Khan, another fellow Empath spoke so eloquently that it moved me to tears.  I was aware that he was speaking about Universal truths and everything I’ve ever wanted to learn about was laid out right before me.  If we know that our thoughts create our realities then there is nothing else but a universal acceptance of every atom which has come into existence for our experience.

The connection to my faith began at a young age as a child.  Eighteen years of surgeries went by and I had never asked my parents why is this so and never complained.  Actually, it was the time I spent most with my Inner Heart.  Simultaneously, as I was suffering with so much pain, quite the opposite feeling would arise, and all I wanted to do was dance.  As I danced within my heart, it became an expression of living life fully and being my own hero.  I always knew a part of me was so much wiser, full of courage and drew strength from this sacred place.  It was the purest state of being; divine moments where my recovery was a space of no separation from the universal truth of love that we are.  It is now that I realize only the identity of the body is what separates us.  However, our body which is the temple of our heart, needs love the most.

In my twenties, I lived from a place of abundance almost all the time; there has always been a deep connection to a voice residing in my heart where I had everything I ever needed.  Living life spontaneously and simply “Being the Moment” was natural for me.  All I wanted to do was laugh with innocence and have a genuine excitement to experience everything.  I vividly remember being the girl who was always dancing in her car at a red light and giggling at absolutely nothing.  I embraced life knowing there is so much to live for and I’m grateful to be here with a deep appreciation for the breath of life! And everything simply manifested for me.  I remember small examples where things would be free, without asking or knowing how, like the drop of a hat, just simply automatic.  My friends around me wondered why.  I had no idea myself.  On the contrary, it was pointed out to me often and I thought this was normal for everyone.  Even now I experience this but from a much wiser place and shyly smile with a deeper knowing.  Several times a year, my mom traveled from the other side of the world to the United States, she would spend a week with me and often say “How’s my happy girl?” There was a sense of freedom for my happiness which did not rely on any outcome.  The wiser part of me can express this into words now.  Following the path of least resistance has always made life fun, easy and effortless.  All my experiences flowed with abundance due to the law of attraction.  My faith kept me grounded and my wish to give back became stronger, but I had no clue how to.  Ten years later, I found avenues through my faith to start giving.  And I can happily say, God made it so.  As the source of my inspiration “Only from Him” that my desire to give began and “Only to Him” that it goes.

Many people are in search for Happiness and because it is already a natural state of “Being” it cannot be found in the external world.  Overstimulated senses caused by fluctuations of the mind get in the way of your natural state deviating you from Happiness.  So, the less you have in life that overstimulates you and the more you enjoy simple things (like breathing in nature), the higher your vibration of Happiness becomes till you are living in this space most of the time.  Meditation can get you here quickly and that is why more and more people are starting to recognize its value.  The truth is, we are never without anything and always, forever complete.

About two years ago, I had an opportunity to meditate with one of my sister’s professors who is highly gifted.  When I opened my eyes, I asked why she was crying and she said it was such a beautiful moment and she was so happy to share it with me.  Quite frankly, I wished I could see what she could but everyone has their own unique special gift.  I told her about the Big orange card that I bought and how it was the only one the store had in that size which came out to $9 (the number of divinity).  My wish was for over 200 children from all the projects I was involved in, to decorate and sign it.  Although I had never mailed the card to Swami’s Ashram in Prashanti Nilyam, India, years later in this moment divinity was revealed. “I AM the card, I Am the child, I Am the Service, I Am.”  I said to her someone had told me to write my name in the center of this card in big letters.  I had not thought of myself or writing my name.  What a way to honor you, she said!  How often do we honor the divinity that resides within us?  The more connected we feel, the more we understand our value and the value of others.  By doing what we love, we bring about moments of Synchronicity, where divinity shares its presence with us.  As we raise our awareness to a higher vibration, these moments seem to happen often through the law of attraction.  When you live in this Awareness, you are Awake!

One of my friends shared a beautiful video that I love and listen to as I start my day, so I’ll post it below.


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