Gift of Love ~ Cosmic Mother

mother earth

A Mother’s love is so precious and gentle as she loves her child ~ Unconditional love flows from her effortlessly.  Divinity is within her ~ The earth in her womb, the source of all light at her crown, rivers ripple through her locks and there was a special glow emanating from her, one that only Prakriti embraces.  As you connect to the earth and all of its beauty, one day, you may meet her.  

~ I felt and heard the love of our Cosmic Mother say “I give you the gift of love and as your third eye opens you will know me.”  We experience divinity through connecting, where there is a knowing of being present, even if we don’t completely understand.  My experience of sitting up on Mago Castle, In Sedona, eye level in front of Bell Rock(Purusha) and Cathedral Rock(Prakriti), was a moment of blissful beauty deeply connecting to Mother Earth.  I wondered, is this real? But as I sit here writing, on my way home, tears slowly fall down now that I’m feeling slightly torn away.  I remember this moment which came through in complete silence and now realize I may have taken it for granted.  Why do we take unconditional love for granted when the moments are so precious? Especially, as a mother keeps giving and giving, and her love never runs out.  Just as the Cosmic Mother loves us as her child, how beautiful is it that God made it so that in our experience a female can also bear her own child and love it in the same way? Divine Mother recreating her own creation.  Only a mother can know her love of creation.  The moments when all is relinquished for the thirst of love, the moments when her smile fades away all worries, and caresses our faces like a gentle breeze in the air, all is here for us to experience.  I may have not known this experience was so precious but the feeling was one that cannot be denied.  We are always and forever so completely loved and it makes me cry just a little as I contemplate on it.

~ As I have chosen to share through my writing,  readers please embrace your thoughts with love in your hearts.  When I came back from Sedona, my very first trip last year, I saw everything differently.  Something had changed and I didn’t know what but my perceptions were not me.  I cried for three days, I was sad, very sad, for the earth, but still did not know why this made me cry.  Collectively, I realized we are taking advantage of Mother Nature.  After that, I saw everything as the Observer, It was quite surreal.  I could see everyone around me entertaining each other’s personalities while being in my body, but my awareness expanded outside of it.  I was watching everything with no likes, no dislikes, no attachment, no detachment but with a simple ease and unchanging steadiness.  My mind and heart were one.  I definitely called this a state of true bliss.  Not a blissful high like we can feel in an elevated emotion.  Just simply being present.  I could also see a Halo around my face ~ golden bright light, so bright that it expanded all around and I would stop in my tracks getting ready in the morning and wonder “is this real?”  The glow captured me or maybe I was captivated by it!  I remember going for yoga that night and a few people that were there could also see it.  They were speechless and hugged me.  Now, I can see a halo around many ~ Although this may seem out there for some, it is something only the experience will leave you without questions.  There have been many miracles and many will continue.

~ I like Rumi’s Quote “What you seek, is seeking you.” Even if you don’t know what it is you are seeking, we are in an Intentional Universe ~ Divine Love is the Cosmic Mother, who teaches us the heart to heart connection.  The energy that permeates within her is in us, and so we belong to her!!  Look at the Synchronicity ~ As this experience of mine with Divine Cosmic Mother is sent out around Mother’s Day, we also await for the arrival of Sri Karunamayi Amma (Divine Mother) in Houston this weekend.  No matter where you are, divinity is present, giving her gift of love to all.

With Gratitude,

Happy Mother’s Day!


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