inner heart

Welcome to the Inner Heart – and as you say these words it rolls off the tongue as” In her HeArt”!!!   The inner heart is also called the spiritual heart where the soul meets the physical heart.  Through the Art of writing I creatively find ways to express from this sacred place.  

My career in the Fashion and Beauty Industry has been fun and exciting however as much as the focus in this profession is on the outside I have always been drawn to search inside.  Being an Empath, it has been a journey to seek the inner truths that underlie the many layers of limitations, only to realize energetically what a beautiful gift it is.  My spiritual path has led me to delve into learning about energy which has helped me a great deal as I feel the depths of every vibration 1000 times fold.  Being ultra sensitive to the vibrations of everyone around me has its ups and downs; however being insightful can be a source to help people.  With insightfulness comes a greater understanding of human value, honor and a way to uplift others through awareness of a higher consciousness.  My experiences in Sedona, Arizona which is known for its powerful vortices of energy, confirmed the purpose of ultimate truth and love is to be shared through our life experiences.

I want to create a space where I can share my writing with love and gratitude.  Naturally, we all crave connectivity with others and this space allows for this connection to happen.  With my creativity, expression through art, has also led me to develop service projects for underprivileged children.  With opportunities to be selfless, I honor the deepest part of my true self.   On my spiritual path, I have gained many insights through my understanding of universal love and that all roads lead to one.  Though there have been personal struggles from a young age, my love and faith in God has showered me, with the grace of many miracles.  Love guides me as a source of fulfillment and through expansion of love I give from a place of abundance.  With an understanding, that everything is divinely created, join me as I unlock the secrets of my inner heart.