Loving Yourself to Great Health

Lotus Flowers at Sun Rise by Bahman Farzad
Hi Lovely Friends!!

I just finished a nine week course with a wonderful group of women from all around the world where we were taught by Ahlea Khadro, whom I met last year in San Diego.   I came to know of her unique abilities and gifted insight of the human body from Hay House, a New Thought Publication, and was much intrigued by her background.  Meeting her last year was a beautiful “Swami Experience” for me.  Although she does not take new clients, she responded to my request on facebook of all places; social media can actually be good!!  When I met her, first thing I mentioned was Sathya Sai Baba and I was rambling on, I literally said “I hope you don’t think I’m crazy.”  She said “No, actually I know exactly who you are talking about.  I used to have a huge oil painting of him in my office.”  I was stunned! While we were talking, she said “and here He comes” in a nonchalant voice, as if it happens all the time.  She could see His subtle form around me.  This really touched my heart because He is not in His physical form anymore.  As I was about to leave, Ahlea mentioned she was off to Louise’s house, but I had no idea who Louise was.  She spoke so fondly of her so I thought she must be her best friend.  I didn’t know much about Hay House other than the emails I got about authors I liked during their Summit.  I always wanted to go to an “I Can do It” conference but couldn’t afford it.  The one and only Louise Hay, is the founder of Hay House that I came to know subsequently.

After working in the Fashion, Cosmetic and Skincare industry for the past two decades, my growing awareness of finding healthier options for consumers began a couple of yrs ago.  Clients would talk to me and, in trying to find the best products for them, they inspired me to dig deeper.  A lot of women were growing concerned that the brands being sold on the shelves were not healthy and were full of chemicals.  I started doing a lot of research and found most of the products we buy are not good for us and are indeed harmful.  Since January, I have been on a mission of discovering what self care means to me and this opportunity to learn from Ahlea fell in my lap.  Although the class was loaded with much valuable information, what I learned most was how to listen to your body.

Beginning of this year, I realized there had to be some healthier choices and set out to see how I could help myself most.  I had always thought I took really good care of myself, but intuitively I knew there was something vital that I was missing.  In my yoga and meditation practices, we delved into loving ourselves, so I wanted to discover what that really meant for me.  Was I lacking in this area? I wrote down a list of what self care meant to me, and what steps I would take to implement them.  We all get so busy with our day to day tasks that we forget that the most important thing is ME!  My Health….not my job, not my to do list, not my errands, not my success, not anything else, but taking care of Me.  Since then I started making a few of my own skincare products and have also found some natural lines that have ingredients that are not harmful and are good for the body.

Our family has been following Ayurveda (the Science of Life) for over 20 years and my sister, being an Integrative doctor, has influenced my lifestyle, helping to make better choices.  As I began making healthy changes for my body, mind and soul, many opportunities came my way.  I’m an avid listener to Hay House publications, where I have found everything from learning about the subconscious patterns of our brain to inspirational videos and spiritual leaders.  Each one of the authors I felt connected to, have helped me to evolve into the woman I am today.  Through my Yoga practice, I have learned so much about light, sound, vibration, energy, connecting to the cosmic source, flexibility, overall organ health, overcoming limitations/preconceptions, releasing stagnant energy, brain and body connection and much, much more.

Since there have been some requests from the readers of my blog, I’m going to add a “Health & Beauty” page to innerheart.me.  I would love to help as many people as I can.  I’ll include tips, best beauty products to use, all natural skincare DIY’s, healthy food/smoothie recipes and anything I come across which will benefit us.

The Best Place to Start ….is your Morning Routine. Each morning is a new day.  Is it fresh and with ease; are you being kind to yourself and to your body? Remember, often times it’s what you’re not doing that needs adjustment, so ask yourself what am I not doing for myself?  Or maybe you have a habit that is ingrained for over the years that needs to change.  Be honest with yourself.  Some of the do’s and don’t on my list are below.

My Morning Routine:

The first thing that goes in my body is two tall glasses of warm water which I drink slowly.  This is so basic yet simply changes your life. 

∗ Before I treat myself with a cup of chai, I do pranayama breathing called (Nadi Shodhana) to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain for a healthy nervous system.  My favorite part is the moment when the breath expands in the body.

∗ I make my breakfast (something quick and easy) and eat without distractions.  

∗ While I enjoy my chai, I watch an inspirational video from Hay House or read something positive, like a quote by Rumi “for my soul.”

 I feel very connected if I do a little meditation.  I usually listen to “Suprabatham” as I find it soothing or I’ll switch it up with some instrumental music that helps me bring easy flow into my day.  If I’m not in the mood, I’ll sit for 5 minuets in gratitude.  Right now I’m thankful for all my teachers and masters.

∗ Sometimes while still in the “alpha brainwave state” before I wake up, I get extreme clarity.  I call this a time where the “Door to God” is wide open.  If you’ve ever experienced it you’ll know what I mean.  I have four little journals on my table right now of everything I have learned, sometimes I’ll write these message out.

I do an interval training session (every other day), and followed by yoga stretching (at least 3 times a week). 

I do Not!!

∗ Do not look at my phone till I have had at least 1hr “for me” in the morning.

∗ Do not get online, check emails or the web for at least 1hr.  The only “connection” I care for is Me.

∗ Do not start the day with Coffee. It is terribly acidic and probably the worst thing you can do if you want to be healthy.  Some people use coffee as a diuretic so replace it with warm water to get your bowels moving.  Coffee actually causes constipation not allowing a complete bowel movement.  It makes you very irritable, causes depression and is linked to weight gain.  New studies have found coffee to be very high in pesticides unless it is fair trade certified organic and it goes rancid unless freshly ground each time.  Sorry, Coffee is a Big No, No!  Although this is not a morning habit for me I love the taste and smell of coffee.  Sometimes in the afternoon, I’ll make a almond milk/coconut drink with dates or honey, raw cacao, cinnamon & cardamom, which is a healthy brain food-mood booster and has many health benefits.  

Lemon water is good for you and can help you lose weight but it can also be acidic too.  See how your body responds.  This may work well as a cleanse for a short period of time.

Sometimes I change the order of my morning routine around so I don’t get bored.  Ideas for Breakfast – During the Winter I make warm toasted oatmeal in the mornings and ever since Spring arrived I started making smoothies filled with antioxidants, coconut and acai berry bowls, or have avocado and toast.  It’s so important to get creative with your food and routine.

Some people may say “I don’t have time for all that.” So it will be different for everyone.  If in the 1st hour of waking up you are overwhelmed, it is a good indication something needs to change. Try to track your first thoughts.  The most important thing is, are you taking care of yourself and your health?  No one can do it for you and don’t be afraid of the change.  If you have children, wake up an hour or so earlier than them so you can be there for yourself and take care of them with a fresh, great mood.  Say, for example you don’t have time for anything at all, you could start small by writing yourself a “love note” each morning.  This may sound silly, but it will train your subconscious mind to start thinking you deserve more “Me Time” and automatically after a couple weeks you will recognize a change in your habits.

I’ve been making my adjustments but sometimes fall off the routine.  I think it’s important to know that everyday you make a choice, and that you can always choose again.  Allow space for action, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t follow through.

Cheers and I hope this serves you well!!